When the time comes to begin the Construction process, the experience we bring to the table is second to none!  We have built strong relationships with hundreds of subs and suppliers both locally and nationally.  We shop to find our clients the best pricing, value and quality.  Our own crews and equipment are also available for our projects when it is the most cost effective and  efficient.  We have the tools and means to get the job done right with our own equipment, shop space and expertise.

Residential or Commercial

We've got all your Building needs covered - from new residential construction, to commercial remodels, and everything in between.  All of our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and here to help. We understand the potential for a construction project to become stressful. With so many decisions and choices, costs to consider, and also time frames to keep in mind, it's easy to get overwhelmed. From planning to completion we have the expertise to assist you on this journey.

Our Promise

Our Services

Project Management

What sets us apart is our ability to manage your project in a professional and efficient manner.  We have the systems in place to control costs, manage paperwork, communicate clearly, and schedule all the work on the job site.  We have the Construction Management experience to provide you and/or your lender with the appropriate pay applications, lien releases, inspections, and other paperwork to keep your project moving forward.  These systems that have been implemented in our organization are streamlined and efficient, giving us the ability to spend more time on your project.

Cost Estimating

We can provide an early Cost Estimate while still in the design stage.  Owners and architects can continue along the design path with full confidence that their designs are within the budget established by the owner.  The usual "sticker shock" can be avoided because you have the knowledge of costs early on. The Owner, Architect and the Builder are all working toward the same goals before the "bid set" of drawings are issued and priced.  By pricing and Cost Estimating early in design development, your construction can begin sooner. Delays can be eliminated because plans are not sent back for re-design due to the amounts coming in higher than expected.  During construction, we work with our clients to be sure any changes are accounted for and the construction costs are updated as modifications occur.


Do you have an idea yet don't know where to begin?  Whether you are only at the introductory stages or you just want another opinion on an existing design, we can help.  Legacy Homes is happy to assist the owner and/or the design team to help fulfill your vision early on in the process.

We promise our excellence when it comes to your project. And behind this promise is a satisfaction guarantee. Our job isn't finished until you are happy with the end result.